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Chapter 4. Using Clozure CL

4.10. Concatenating FASL Files

Multiple fasl files can be concatenated into a single file.


fasl-concatenate out-file fasl-files &key (:if-exists :error)
Concatenate several fasl files, producing a single output file.

Arguments and Values:

out-file--- Name of the file in which to store the concatenation.

fasl-files--- List of names of fasl files to concatenate.

:if-exists--- As for OPEN, defaults to :error


Creates a fasl file which, when loaded, will have the same effect as loading the individual input fasl files in the specified order. The single file might be easier to distribute or install, and loading it may be at least a little faster than loading the individual files (since it avoids the overhead of opening and closing each file in succession.)

The PATHNAME-TYPE of the output file and of each input file defaults to the current platform's fasl file type (.dx64fsl or whatever.) If any of the input files has a different type/extension an error will be signaled, but it doesn't otherwise try too hard to verify that the input files are real fasl files for the current platform.

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