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Chapter 2. Obtaining, Installing, and Running Clozure CL

2.7. Example Programs

A number (ok, a small number), of example programs are distributed in the "ccl:examples;" directory of the source distribution. See the README-OPENMCL-EXAMPLES text file in that directory for information about prerequisites and usage.

Some of the example programs are derived from C examples in textbooks, etc.; in those cases, the original author and work are cited in the source code.

Unless the original author or contributor claims other rights, you're free to incorporate any of this example code or derivative thereof in any of your own works without restriction. In doing so, you agree that the code was provided "as is", and that no other party is legally or otherwise responsible for any consequences of your decision to use it.

If you've developed Clozure CL examples that you'd like to see added to the distribution, please send mail to the Clozure CL mailing lists. Any such contributions would be welcome and appreciated (as would bug fixes and improvements to the existing examples.)

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