The current release of Clozure CL is version 1.12.2.

Download Links

Clozure CL is currently distributed via GitHub. Please refer to 1.12.2 release page on GitHib. The old Subversion repository is obsolete.

Please see the installation page for details on completing the installation.

This is a screencast that shows an example of how you would install CCL from source on Linux.

Compatibility Notes

32-bit x86 ports need SSE2

The 32-bit x86 versions of Clozure CL depend on the presence of the SSE2 instructions. Most x86 processors manufactured and sold in the last several years support SSE2 (all Apple Intel-based Macs do, for instance), but there are some exceptions.

The Wikipedia article on SSE2 lists processor models that support SSE2 (and also notes some of the more notable exceptions).