Preliminary Windows GUI support via Cocotron

CCL on 32-bit Windows platforms now includes experimental support for the Cocoa frameworks using the Cocotron open source project.  For details on Cocotron, see

This support is only available in the trunk.

CCL provides a pre-built set of DLLs for Cocotron’s Foundation and AppKit frameworks but, as this support is still experimental, you must explicitly checkout these files into your CCL installation.  To do so, execute the command line
svn checkout
in the directory where you have installed CCL (i.e., in the directory containing wx86cl.exe).

Once you have checked out the DLLs (and supporting files), you load Cocotron just as you do Cocoa on the Mac.  In other words, evaluate the form
  (require  "COCOA")
in CCL which will load the Cocotron’s Foundation and AppKit frameworks and start the CCL IDE.  You can also evaluate the form
to build a standalone copy of the CCL IDE.

You can also build standalone Cocoa applications on Windows using build-application as you do today on Mac OS X.

As noted before, this support is experimental.

While the IDE runs, it is not yet stable enough to use for actual development on Windows.  Use it at your own risk.

Cocotron is a work in progress.  It does not yet implement the entire set of APIs defined by Apple.  It also has bugs. If you run into problems, you may want to try to create a simple Objective-C program to see if you can reproduce the problem without CCL.  If the problem is reproducible, please report the problem to the Cocotron developers at