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This Old Lisp

I (rme) was invited to give a talk at this year’s European Lisp Symposium in Marbella, Spain.  It was a great conference.  I highly recommend that you try to attend next the next one if you possibly can.  It will be in Genoa, Italy.  See

Anyway, I prepared a web site that contains a video of the talk and also a written transcript with slides included in the text in the appropriate places.

The link is

It’s not really very technical in nature (it’s meant to be entertaining and encouraging), but maybe some of you would enjoy it.

Customizing the listener prompt

Clozure CL’s default prompt is “? “.  You can customize this by setting ccl:*listener-prompt-format* to a format control of your choice.

Note that a format control “string” can be a function.  Here’s an example that makes the prompt contain the current package name.

(defun prompt-formatter (stream break-level)
  (princ (package-name *package*) stream)
  (if (plusp break-level)
    (format stream " ~d > " break-level)
    (write-string "> " stream)))

To start using this, do

(setq ccl:*listener-prompt-format* #'prompt-formatter)